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Renato Vincitore
TM Shop, Oak Town

Renato blinked, surprised at the sudden barrage of questions that this “Haru” had thrown at him.

‘How should I respond? Should I even talk to him at all? Why oh why am I even in this position!’ Renato’s eyes darted to the left, where Gemini was standing. Smirking, Gemini rolled his eyes.

Resigning himself to his current circumstances, Renato eventually decided to respond.

“I’m… Renato.” he began reluctantly. So far so good. “I’m in… Raikou I think. I just got here a few hours ago.”

Renato paused shyly for a second, before indicating towards Gemini. “And, um, this is my Charmander, Gemini.”

Gemini grinned, eying Haru’s Munchlax curiously. ‘Wow.’ Gemini thought to himself. ‘What a fatass.’

Suddenly, Renato got a glimmer in his eye. It was a glimmer Gemini had grown used to long ago. It indicated that Renato was about to answer the unasked question about Gemini’s strange biological condition. It also indicated one of the few instances where Renato would say more than just “yeah” and “um.”

“You’re probably wondering why Gemini has two different colored eyes, the right being green, and the left being blue. You see, he has a condition called Heterochromia iridium. There are two types, congenital and acquired…”

Renato continued his lecture for a bit, outlining Heterochromia and what caused it. Fairly soon though, he realized how long he had been talking. "Oh, um, sorry for wasting your time with that." he apologized timidly.
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