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    - - Night One

    You might not have noticed, but the sun has started to set already, and so soon after the last arrival too. This is by no means the end of island preparations, but things have calmed down a great deal since early on in the morning. There are a few exceptions to this, like the few busily buzzing news teams sent to cover the story and the overexcited members of the crowd, but any trainers who's had to deal with the news before would know to lie low around those types.

    So what does night bring? Well this night in particular is very important. It's opening night, which means that you, being a challenger, are going to need to make an appearance.

    The first announcement for challengers has just gone off, a call to the main stadium. In said announcement it was emphasized that you have been given two and a half hours to get ready and get there, and that arriving before then would be "rewarded" with food and a chance to meet any other challengers and some of the staff involved too.

    So, if you're still busy with something then you should have plenty of time to get if done. If not, head on over to the stadium.

    - - Your Instructions

    - - As soon as possible, go to the main stadium
    - - You may go alone or with your partner
    - - You may talk to other characters (PCs or NPCs)
    - - You may have someone stop you for an interview if you would like.
    - - Battling in the arena downstairs is permitted if you don't take too long
    - - You do not have synchronization yet
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