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Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
After some deliberation and input from others, I've decided to consider splitting this patch in two: one patch will be my complete hack, while the other will be just the inclusion of the music.

I should explain. It seems that there is enough interest in using the custom tracks for other hacks. I feel that it would be best to offer the 8-bit tracks as a separate package so others can use them without having to deal with the extra "clutter" that I have in my hack. You know, like the altered events and new tree behavior. If it will lead to interest in music hacking increasing or joy while playing, then I'll be willing to do it. I'll still work on my own hack with full intentions of crafting what I feel is the "definitive" Pokémon (Fire)Red. It was my original intention with this hack, and I now feel I have enough of a drive to advance in my attempts to make it more of a reality.

If I do make the bare-bones patch, I need to know what people's opinions on a few questions are. The question is a bit too open-ended to be used in a poll, so anyone who wants to share their opinion can do so:

1) Should I revert the changes I made on a couple of the primary FireRed tracks to what they were in the original game? Currently the GSC Legendary Trio tune plays when facing off against one of the legendary birds or [insert what you collectively call Raikou, Entei, and Suicune here]. Also, I added a second GSC route music for the latter Sevii Isles. Both GBA tracks are unused tunes from RSE and are of a bit noticeably lower quality.

2) Is there any interest in including any of the conveniences I have in the hack into the lite patch? Some of the subtle changes include once-and-done tree cutting, unlimited use of included Move Tutors, and the end of version exclusivity for Pokémon (they're not distributed randomly, but in the areas they'd appear in their respective games).

3) Is there any preferred location you'd like the retro soundbank to be in the hack? Are there any areas of the ROM that seem to always be empty in popular pre-existing mini-hacks of FireRed?

If the lite patch sees the light of day, it won't be until after the next release of the main one. I want to at least change the GB Player into a key item before I start on it.
I would just add the custom 8-bit tracks, like you did with the original patch. In the second patch, could you do it so that the tracks revert to the standard tracks like in HGSS?
Will you be adding the GB Player as a key item in the second patch?
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