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    Okay guys.Thanks for your critism and I think that I'll re-do the maps.Oh yes.The bug with the starter is the bad wild pokemon battle music pointer.I need to re-insert the music.
    @umbreontheultimate:No,the games aren't ready(Beta 6.3A1-That's an incomplete version with a lot of bugs,look at the comments.)
    @classiccartoonsftw The current BlackGranite X goes up to Route 2314(the end of the first region)
    so far the game is good keep up the good work

    Found some bugs.
    1 When you talk to a signpost in Pallet town, it gives you a Watmel berries and the text box doesn't disappear.
    2 When the Professor runs he goes over the fence.
    3. When I chose Cyndaquil the game froze . (basically if you choose one of the 3 starters the game freezes)
    4. Some texts are outside the textboxs.
    5. When you get out of the truck your in a different place.
    6. Theres a border error in Pallet Town.
    7. After the thing chases the Professor, when you go up hes gonna say to help him the the player goes to the right. (theres a fence there)

    thats about it since it freezes whenever i choose a pokemon -.-
    1)It's meant to happen-A easy way to get money
    2)Meant to happen-Yes,he's supposed to jump over the fence so that your rival won't take him on his/her fishing rod
    3)Will get fixed(I promise )
    4)It'll get fixed for the final Beta 6.3
    5)I don't get it.You mean that you're in like Comper City or any other weird place?
    6)Do you mean the lake on the south-east ?
    7)I know I need to make the fence smaller
    Some cities/towns are exact copies of the towns in Kanto and Johto(except Goldenrod City).
    I mean,like only some of the cities are re-made.All others are completly new.That goes to all others who went like 'WHAT?' in the Kanto/Johto cities beign re-made.Oh yes,Goldenrod City is the only city that wasn't re-made-I just created a custom version of it.
    The fourth screenshot is the first appearence of Scott's script, So ... that needs changing.
    It's actually meant to be a ghost.
    As for screens, get a great mapper. To be honest, the screens just look like a bunch of tile errors, the ones with water especially.
    Can you do any better?
    Houses look blocky and shouldn't have side entrances like that that warp as soon as you step on the tile, just annoying.
    I wanted to be original with the doors,but if you find that annoying,I'll do normal doors in beta 6.3.

    Thank you for you time reading.

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