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1. The Pokemon you're going to be tomorrow-Tentacruel im a giant squid thingy hurray
2. Your Pokemon Parents Stunfisk. My parents are the definition of derp XD
3. Your Girl/Boy Friend Giratina you have my attention
4. Your Rival Moltres I have an type advantage im starting to likethis more and more
5. Your Best Friend Tyranitar Could this get any better? :D
6. Your Pet Krookodile I have a pet crocodile i have the perfect life (almost)

Second attempt oh god ...yes
1.The Pokemon you're going to be tomorrow Meinfoo (I wanna use an Aura powered high jump kick!)
2. Your Pokemon Parents Chandelure (Im either rich or live in the celestial tower)
3. Your Girl/Boy Friend Meloetta (Mother of Arceus She pirouette (made for dancing) form so many things i could say)
4. Your Rival Dialga O>O (the > was meant to be there.((How the hell am i supposed to beat that as meinfoo?)
5. Your Best Friend Electivire ( I have a power generator as a best friend ^.^)
6. Your Pet Hitmonlee (Some one to use high jump kick with
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