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    After about five seconds of complete silence, Alex realized that he was being spoken to. Unfamiliar of this new voice, Alex slowly stood up silently, while looking down at Orion. Alex muttered a small,” hmph” before releasing a Pokémon from his Pokeball. A bright flash of a red light blinds everyone in the room for a second. When the red light fades, a Samurott appears, and he doesn’t seem too happy for some reason. Alex grabs a chair while the startled trainer and his Gliscor are caught in Samurott’s fearsome glare. Alex sits down, puts he feet up on a nearby table, looks at his Samurott, and in a low poised voice, says,” You know what to do.”

    Something white starts glowing on the tip of Samurott’s horn, and as he approaches Orion, Orion seems to be scared stiff. Orion closes his eyes while Desco desperately tries to pull his beloved trainer away from this monster, but it is too late. After two seconds, the light glowing on the tip of Samurott’s horn became a beam of ice. Suddenly, the room is filled with an icy fog. Orion opens his eyes and realizes he hadn’t been hit by the ice beam. As the fog disappears, Orion looks behind him to see a frightened Gliscor frozen to the wall.
    Alex sighs, “Its super effective” before getting out of his chair. Alex clenched his fist and whacked Orion on top of the head, knocking the flabbergasted Pokémon trainer unconscious. (Yes, flabbergasted is a word, don’t have a cow man.)

    Alex quickly grabs his backpack, zips it open, and takes some rope out. Alex tells his Samurott,” Make sure our little ‘friend’ here stays frozen.” before placing the forlorn Orion on a chair. Orion’s head slumps back as Alex ties him to the chair with rope. Samurott continues to spray Desco with several little ice beams for good measure.

    About twenty-five minutes later into this routine, Alex has tied Orion with so much rope, Orion almost looks like some sort of ancient mummified Pharaoh made of rope instead of bandages, but his head remains untouched. Alex grabs a water bottle out of his backpack, opens it, then splashes Orion with water, and Orion immediately wakes up to find himself tied to a chair. Orion struggles to break free, but all he does is make the chair tip over, making Orion land on the back of the chair. When he realized he’s screwed, Orion starts to panic, he begins shaking on the floor, he starts yelling, and he starts crying a little.

    Alex splashes Orion once again with the water, and he stops panicking. In a low but calm voice, Alex says,” Look, buddy, don’t take this personally, it’s just business. I’ve never met you before, you haven’t met me before, and now we’re here in this little competition where we are both forced to be partners. However, I think you’re hiding something from me, and if we are going to compete as a team for a ****load of money, I would love it if you can tell me one of your little secrets. If you don’t want to tell me, fine. I’ll just beat the living crap out of you. And I will continue to beat the living crap out of you unless you answer this one little question: Are you gay?”

    Orion’s face immediately turns red with anger. He yells,” NO I AM NOT GAY, NOW LET ME OUT OF THIS CHAIR YOU ***HOLE!!!!”

    Alex doesn’t take to kindly to Orion’s response, but instead of fighting fire with fire, he asks, ” What time is it?”

    A very pissed off Orion responds,” It’s about seven o’clock PM, why?”

    Alex suddenly facepalms for about a second, then explains, “Oh no, I needed to take my pill three hours ago!” Alex shuffles through his bag and finds a pill container. He opens it, and then swallows two red pills whole. A moment later, Alex mind becomes blank, and then it is filled with the current events that have happened recently. Shocked, Alex cries,” Oh, I am so sorry! Sometimes I can’t control myself without taking my pill!”

    It takes half an hour for Alex to untie Orion out of the chair. When he is released from his itchy prison, Orion stands up, still scared of Alex. Hoping for the best, Alex extends his arm with his hand open, and in a quick, friendly voice says,” I do apologize for my behavior; I have this condition called Multiple Personality Disorder, which is pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes I can’t seem to control myself. Anyway, my name is Alex Tinajero; it was nice to meet you Orion!”

    Orion slowly looks at Alex for a second, and after five seconds of complete silence they slowly shake hands. Alex smiles and says,” I want you to meet my Pokémon! You already met Samurott, he is usually kind of mean, but he respects and listens to me whenever I tell him to stop scaring people.”

    Alex turns towards his Samurott, who is still kee
    ping Desco frozen, and says,” SAM, let him thaw out.” Like a solider in the military, Samurott nods, then stands still, waiting for some orders to be given out. Alex returns Samurott to his Pokeball, and then brings out another Pokeball out from his pocket. “Now meet Torterra!”

    Alex idiotically forgot how huge a Torterra is. When the bright flash of red fades, a quiet, sleepy Torterra appears with the top of his shell touching the ceiling. The trees on his back however, broke through the ceiling making a nice, big skylight in the room. Alex facepalms once again, and tells Orion “Oh dear god…..I keep forgetting how big he is. Erm….I’m going to get someone who can fix this; I’ll be back in an hour.

    Alex returns the poor Torterra to his Pokeball, and then runs out of the room. A few thoughts race through his mind.

    Should I go tell the desk clerk to fix the roof? No, I’ll go see if someone else can help me.
    As Alex was just about to exit the double doors of the building, he notices a swarm of news reporters approaching the building, and being terribly afraid of interviews, runs into a nearby hallway. Panicking, he hides behind a wall, grabs his black sweater out of his backpack, and hastily puts it on. Alex flips his hood on, then carefully walks out of the building, hoping that he will remain unnoticed. As he exits the double doors, one of the reporters takes a quick glance at him before walking away.

    Alex wanders off from the Admission Building to see if someone could help him with the hole in his room’s ceiling.
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