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    Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
    Okay, so this is henna, which girls usually wear. Usually. :3

    Ohh Henna I am actually looking for black :D yeah my mum and sisters use alot.

    Originally Posted by NintendoQueen View Post
    Alright, so it turns out my new hair cut was uneven [the right side was longer than the left, and there were hardly any layers in my hair!] Well, I went back and demanded asked for them to fix it for me. Free of charge, too!

    So here is Hair Cut v. 2.0

    Awwww Arielle lol you look beautiful all the time

    Happy you got what you wanted.

    Originally Posted by EternallyAnna View Post
    hi I got some new shirts this week and stuff so imma spam you


    this one is actually from like two months ago

    and this one is from like last month

    excuse my being fat and my face being a mess
    Awww Anna you look great. Nice new shirts very fancy

    Yay today was an awesome day. I finished school early and when I got home I saw my bike waiting there. it is finally finished