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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    As soon as Len performed Belly Drum Lucia could already see the battle ending. Len would have his attack power maximized greatly and she knew that he knew water moves, but she didn't know what kinds of physical moves he would know. Lucia just thought that Diana would be continuously washed down with water. What Mark had planned she did not know, but she hoped it wasn't too hard hitting.

    Still she had to believe in Diana. "Diana, use Iron Head!" She called out.

    The Aron cried out as she ran right at Len and lowered her head and ran as fast as she could at the water-type. Her head glowed a light white color as she aimed to ram right into Len's leg.

    Lucia saw that Diana at least had a strategical mind in battles. She seemed to be trying to cripple her opponent at least. That was all well and good. At least with this battle she would gain some much needed experience.
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