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Sage Smith

Sage nodded and smiled at Haru. "Yes that's correct" he said and chuckled. "but next time wait to be called on before you shout out your answer" he turned to the board and wrote down what Haru had said. "as Mr.." he paused to check his list "Hatake said poffins are a tasty treat made from Berries to give to Pokemon, now there are more than one type of poffins, does anyone know how many there are?" he asked looking around the room, his gaze settled on the kid he had seen with his sister. "How about you Mr. Vincent do you know the answer?"

Genevieve Molyneux

Sapphire glared even more at Hugin upon hearing his words and her eyes narrowed and she growled. "Simi! Simi! Simipour!" (Don't say things like that to me! and stop glaring at my Trainer you fat overgrown bird!)

Genevieve looked sharply at Sapphire. "Sapphire calm, I know you have a problem with bird Pokemon, but please behave, this isn't gonna turn into a repeat of the incident" she said sternly and Sapphire turned back to her food.

"Sorry about that Maxy" she said softly taking a bite from her toast. She heard him ask about what type of food Tympole liked and she thought for a minute. "Well most Pokemon will eat any type of food, but each has their own preferences" she thought for a minute more before cutting her Apple in half, and then that half into small pieces and cut a small piece off one of her pieces of toast. "here Katam, try this" she said softly putting the apple slices and bit of toast in front of the Tympole.

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