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I was browsing the internet earlier and came across a picture that I could relate to; I'll type it out instead of pasting though to emit all the swearing :p

Things I Never Learned In High School
  • How to do taxes
  • What taxes are
  • How to vote
  • How to write/balance a cheque book
  • Anything to do with banking
  • How to take out loans for college
  • How to jump start a car or other emergency things
  • How to buy a car or house
But I'm so glad I know the Pythagorean Theorem. Thanks school!
So basically the question is: does the current school curriculum teach the right skills needed for life? These are mostly all skills that you learn later in life, but should these be taught in school to avoid the worrying or confusion that accompanies these tasks in the first place? I see no reason why this can't be a once a week lecture in the last year of college to prepare you for the big wide world outside of education, but currently these skills aren't being taught and are left to be worked out alone instead.

And as a second question, are the subjects taught in the current curriculum valid? If you take Maths at an advanced level, you'll come across numerous concepts such as integration, differentiation, vectors, parametric equations, etcetera, but are all these skills that are needed for later life? This applies to most subjects, so surely there must be some reason for learning this material other than for passing exams, but a lot of it seems so specialised that it simply won't be needed unless a very specific career path is followed - so why are we all learning it?
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