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    Originally Posted by Kura View Post
    No. Anyone can flip the switch, so to speak, including teachers. It would be unsafe to bring any guns into a school environment. Besides, the teacher carrying a gun could also give a not-so-right student easier access to one.

    Guns are unsafe, period.

    Besides, what if the teacher doesn't want that responsibility of handling the gun? It shouldn't be enforced. Plus they would have to do a lot of training and there would have to be a lot more drills at school..

    Either way.. too much terror.
    I completely agree with your post, no matter how they are used the only thing guns are good for is creating harm. I would prefer personally that regular citizens weren't allowed to carry them and only law enforcement or military used them. Maybe allow people to use guns in controlled environments such as shooting ranges or hunting in permitted areas. There should be no need for people to be carrying one with them into the gas station to fill up the car or in line at burger king getting a sandwich. Of course this will never happen nor am i suggesting it should. Just think it would be nice to walk around and not to have to wonder if the guy in front of me is holding a weapon and is he going to use it.
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