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Competitive Team Questions
In this thread you may ask questions about competitive team building and make moveset requests. While incomplete teams may be posted here too, it is preferred that you finish your team using our Guides & Resources and post a "Rate My Team" thread.

— Do not ask questions concerning in-game or casual team building.
Please use the In-Game Team Questions for that. If you do not know which thread to post in, check out the CTH Guidelines, because they explain the difference between competitive and in-game or casual play. If your question could be related to either, you will likely get better answers by asking here instead.

— Do not ask questions that are not specifically related to team building.
Do not ask questions about the game mechanics like "How does this move work?" and "What are EVs?," as they would best fit in the B2W2 Quick Questions thread. Do not ask questions about battling (prediction, long-term strategy, etc.) either; you may make threads in BC's main forum for those type of questions.

— Do not post an entire team.
Please make a new thread instead. See the CTH Guidelines as they go more into depth about what makes a team complete or not.