Thread: [Gen V] My OU Team (RMT)
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Originally Posted by tinyranitar View Post
For spinner benefit in the sun, I suggest Donphan as sun remove its water weakness, and it takes physical attack like a champ. If u think you are lacking physical attacker, use Darmaritan as it will mow down almost everything with a Flare Blitz in the sun, giving you the needed fire power (pun intended lol)
I can not agree more. Besides I used Starmie as my Spinner for a little while and it has such little bulk that it was taken down fairly regularly with little fight.
And if you just so happen to switch in and survive, your opponent is either faster than you and takes you out second hit, or survives your Hydro Pump with still 40-80% health (assuming normal effective) and takes you out second turn anyway.

If you still need a water type I switched for Milotic, but Jellicent will also be very useful if you don't mind the speed drop in exchange for bulk.