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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
I don't know how a school can be expected to teach you to manage your finances, get a job, and live on your own. Like, how do you teach and grade responsibility like that?
It doesn't have to be graded. Schools don't grade you on sex ed (I hope) and this can just work that way. As for how to teach it, just give the basics. Maybe "how to live on your own" is a bit of a long-shot but I've come up with a list of stuff I was never taught which I wish I had been:

-How to write a CV.
-How to apply for a loan, especially (and kinda ironically) as a student.
-How interest rates work.
-What taxes are and how they work.
-How to apply for a job.
-What types of bank accounts there are and how they work.
-How to be assertive and get what you want.
-How to sell yourself to an employer or otherwise.
-How to perform well in an interview.
-How to sound formal and professional on the phone and in writing.
-How to live on a budget.
-How to negotiate for a higher salary or a promotion.
-How to vote.
-How politics work.
-What a mortgage is.

And there are probably more.

On one hand, I'm not complaining about being taught the procedure by which DNA is duplicated or how electrophilic addition reactions work - these are things which helped me get into university. But amusingly, a number of the things in that list are things needed at university so lol.

Regarding who should teach these sort of things, I don't think it's the parents' job at all. The parents should help you develop as a person and care for you and stuff like that but with school involved they shouldn't have to teach anything that can be taught at all. Not all parents are even confident in these sorts of things anyway - I've asked my uncle several times about how interest on loans works, for example, and put simply he couldn't explain it properly because, as much as he'd hate to admit it, he didn't know what he was on about. No. It's the job of people who are able to teach and know what they're on about to teach these important things.

So, to answer the questions,
does the current school curriculum teach the right skills needed for life?
definitely not imo. I'd ask if, aside from sex ed, schools even teach any life skills at all. That's what's so wrong here - the place where kids spend so much time and learn so much is also the place where they're taught absolutely nothing, in my experience, about how the adult world works. It's pretty bad.

are the subjects taught in the current curriculum valid?
they're valid in the sense that they get you further on in life to where you want to be and I wouldn't remove any of them to add in the stuff I mentioned in this post. What does need to be done, though, is to add more time teaching the things that matter in everyone's life. Maybe just an hour a week would do it - anything to at least get the basic foundations of adult life in there.
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