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Hmmmmmm.... :D
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    1. What boards are you most interested in?
    Uuh, Rom hacking/emulation. I said to you ,meganium , when i need a mentor. I think the time has come .

    2. What boards are you most interested in getting to understand?
    I did practice scripting a lot now, i know most of the basics but im stuck at 1 thing and that isnt explained a lot on the internet, and i think after i understand it there will be more difficult problems to solve. Thats why i want a mentor. And ofcourse for the talking about nothinh :p.

    3. What other boards are you willing to venture in?
    Well, the gaming, cuz im playing pkmn Light platinum atm haha. so that would be role playing.

    4. Are there any specific things you like to do while you're here?
    Yea, join a clob (or more :p) and make friends ofcourse.

    Well, Meganium i hope you dont mind i asked for a mentor now . Thanks in Advance!