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Kayla turned and looked up at Wyatt. She didn't know that there were other people who weren't in class. The Deerling hid behind Kayla, occasionally peeking from behind her legs. Primrose looked up at her and giggled. "It's OK! You don't have to be scared!" The Deerling looked down at her and nodded. She slowly walked from behind Kayla's legs and looked up at Wyatt. Kayla giggled and looked at Wyatt. "Hi! How are you?" She looked down at Rosemary, who was looking at the Deerling excitedly. She bent down and picked the Skitty up. Rosemary purred and climbed on top of Kayla's head. Primrose looked up at Rosemary and climbed onto Kayla's shoulder. Yuri sat down and scratched at her ear.
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