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    1. What section/board are you most interested in? I am most interested in the graphics forum (as I'm a pokemon art critic) as well as the black and white forum as pokemon black and white are my favorite games. I am also very interested in the competitive battling center forum as I would really enjoy getting involved in competitive battling as it seems like a very interesting aspect of the game that I have yet to explore.
    2. What other sections/boards do you want to venture in and and learn more about? I would like to learn more about the ROM hacking board as it is something that seems very fun to learn about and I enjoy playing ROM hacks in general and creating a new spin on some of my favorite games!
    3. Are there any specific things you like to do while you're here? I would really like to become a great forum poster. I know that I have had a rocky start here, but I would really like to get myself on track and I think that a mentor would really help me do that.