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Which of the gym leaders, excluding Brock, Misty and Cilan, do you like the most based on their anime appearance? If you haven't watched the anime, feel free to just tell which gym leader you like the most.

As I've said it lots of times before, I loved Pryce's anime appearance. Completely different from what I expected him to be, as he appeared to be cold hearted and I really questioned why he was a gym leader if he hated Pokémon as much as he made it out to be. I just loved how it was later explained why he was like that, and that he once again got reunited with his childhood Pokemon friend, as well as getting back the love he once had from Pokemon. I'd like to mention Skyla too, not because I didn't like her, but because my reaction to her was kinda similar to how I had it with Pryce, except my opinion of her didn't change. If she wasn't read to face to obligations that came with being a gym leader, she should never have taken on the position, and any person with common sense would realise that air battles could never be precise enough to determine a battle, at least if you're following the logic of the anime. While it may work out in the games, suprises lie at every corner. Even if your Pokémon were underleveled and if the opponent's team had a greater advantage in typing, with good movesets and lots of potions ready, you could probably pull off winning. So yeah, she was notable because she was stupid.

Which 2 Gym Leaders impress you the most with their newer, recent appearances since their debut?

I'm kinda confused by this topic. If you mean with the B2W2 gym leaders, 2 is kinda of an irrational number, since most of them haven't even been seen yet, though if it's all the gym leaders, which is more likely, I don't have a clue. I still haven't played any of the newer games yet (that means all the way back to HG/SS), which is from that point I think most of the gym leader have had their appearances, and in the anime it's been quite a while since the last.
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