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Still working on this, but wanted to show my progress.


EDIT: I think I changed everything that needed to be changed, but let me know otherwise.

Name: Cody Willingham

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Academy: Pallet

Pokedex Color: Chrome

Description: Cody is best described as unassuming, standing at around 5"7 (175 cm) and weighing in at exactly 142 pounds (64kg). Many describe Cody as fairly thin, with little muscle development to speak of, as his fast acting metabolism keeps a minimal amount of fat stored around his stomach. Cody has a lanky build with long limbs, and a slightly stocky torso in comparison. Cody's skin starkly pale, a result of limited exposure to the sun. All in all, Cody looks like he belongs more at a hospital instead of the outdoors.

A wholesome thick mop of brown hair lies on top of Cody's head, with its waves and curls at the mercy of the wind and loose strands brushing across his small piercing gray eyes. Cody's eyes are void of life and passion with noticeable dark shadows beneath suggesting the boy barely gets any sleep at night because of some horrible illness preventing rest from becoming a feasible reality. Aside from this Cody's gaunt face lacks prominent features. His cheekbones are hardly noticeable. His thin nose does little to add character, while his thin lips prevent bold expression. Cody appears to care for his appearance somewhat having no facial hair or impurities, aside from some pimples dotted across his small forehead. Cody's thin cheeks have little blush to them as well, causing his pale complexion to be that more striking. What is most disturbing is Cody's permanent facial expression of boredom. No matter what the situation Cody appears to be bored, tired and aloof; an undesirable impression to make.

Cody's wardrobe is about as interesting as his physical attributes, which is not all. Cody favors darker t-shirts, usually grays or blacks. The designs are minimal, if even existent. If applicable, the decorations are usually limited to brand names being embroidered across the chest or back. Unoriginal and boring. I know. Occasionally, a reference or joke will being written on them. That is assuming you are lucky to see them, as Cody usually covers up these bursts of entertainment with a zipped hooded sweatshirt. Like his shirts, the colors are minimal ranging from darker blues to black. These are fitted, matching his lanky figure being borderline undersized at times. Cody is rarely seen without a pair of blue (sometimes bordering on gray again. It's his favorite color after all) jeans, usually ripped on the ankles or knees to bestow some element of character to them. Black sneakers are his shoes of choice, only owning 2 pairs of nearly identical shoes.

Cody fancies a few trinkets and accessories. Most notable is Cody's watch (worn on his left wrist) which happens to be a fairly fancy considering the rest of his outfit. With a silver band, a black face with silver Roman numerals for the numbers, the watch has class and reflects status which Cody lacks on both accounts. Some speculate he stole the thing, but that is for another day. Cody has a necklace with an Ouroboros symbol as a pendant. He wears it constantly, arguably obtaining the status of his favorite trinket.

Personality: Ever know that guy at school who never paid attention in class, kept to himself, never bothered anyone, maybe slept a lot and was disinterested to the events around him? Did he also possibly happen to get fairly high marks in school on nothing more than his natural abilities and some dumb luck? Cody is kind of like that.

Cody has been described as detached, unmotivated and as a young man who is wasting his potential. But really, this is just a fancy way of saying that Cody is very, very lazy. Cody abhors doing any sort of work and tries actively to minimize the amount of work he puts into any given activity, in which in itself can be interpreted as an oxymoronic effort. His resistance to activity is further fueled by the fact that Cody is easily bored with things, finding them either tedious or simply uninteresting. That being said, Cody is experimental and is always willing to try to new things with the dying hope that it may distract him from the void of being constantly bored for at least a few moments.

Because of his incurable boredom with the world and the people in it, Cody has become rather detached and apathetic to things. He rarely cares about anything that does not directly concern himself and even then will often ignore it since he has learned that things tend to "blow over" if you wait long enough. To this end, Cody has saintly patience. However, this has also caused Cody to be rather cold and uninviting towards others, generally because of his apathy and brutal honesty (as he doesn't care to lie).

Cody is not necessarily a cruel or bad person…once you get over his rather distant persona. He is excessively humble and easy going, loving to go with the flow of life. He has an incredible amount of wit and a sarcastic streak that many find enjoyable, and because of his openness to try new things he is always down to "chill" with his friends…permitting he doesn't want to nap. Cody is generally friendly to those he can stand and is a faithful, trustworthy friend. Just be prepared for a young man to tell it how it is.

History: Cody was born into a middle class family as the future middle child forever living in the shadow of an overachieving elder brother and a baby sister whose favorite pastime was whining. Cody dwelled in the suburbs of Cerculean City in a home that stable compared to most considering the unstable nature of the world. His father had a stable office job in Cerculean City, working for one of the major banks. Despite annual lay offs, Cody's father knew how to please the right people, reaping the benefits. His mother, worked on and off, at the local hospital until the birth of their youngest child. For as long as he could remember he suffered from the phenomenon sometimes known as the middle child syndrome. For understandable reasons, Cody's parents babied his sister as younger children naturally need more attention and praised his elder brother for he was something of a prodigy, so high hopes were placed upon the poor boy. Cody, on the other hand, presented himself as average and unremarkable. Often ignored, Cody went about his business like any other child. He did his best to remain out of trouble and gradually dwindled in obscurity. However, little did they realize it was all part of Cody's plan.

Obscurity, however, became Cody's comfort zone. It allowed to do what he wanted when he wanted to, which more often than not was absolutely nothing. Or at least nothing that was truly productive. From young age, Cody quickly became accustomed to minding his own business, taking care of himself, and well frankly, finding ways of keeping himself occupied. Since his parents were almost always too busy taking care of "more important things", Cody became rather independent rather quickly. However, without that guiding hand, Cody drifted away from the path to greatness and became lost in the realm of…..well place an epic word here for laziness and you get the idea.

This all really began when Cody was old enough to attend school. His elder brother was in the heart of attending school (those academies were demanding) while his baby sister was just getting out of diapers. Lost in the shuffle, Cody began attended classes with surprising enthusiasm. School was something to do (and got himself off out the home of the crying child of death) and for the most part, Cody achieved fairly high marks from the onset. He entered a circle of friends, teachers liked him, and everything was going his way. And then he got home. Home life was erratic. Baby sister needed constant attention. Big brother had a host of hobbies than needed rides too (sports, piano lessons, etc). Cody…well he was forced to fend for himself, as mentioned above. Without parents to provide that spark of passion, the motivation, the reward, and that reason to do anything, Cody grew unenthusiastic about school work and anything else associated with effort. There was no reason to do it. No reward. It wasn't like he was getting a pat on the back or anything.

Instead, Cody found other things to do and for the most part they were relatively unproductive. He chose to not get deeply involved in anything that didn't interest him or involve actual work. He deemed them "troublesome" or "uninteresting". Cody leapt from hobby to hobby, trying new things from time to time to keep himself from being too bored. Schoolwork became largely secondary, but somehow he pulled good grades out without taking it too seriously relying on just doing whatever was necessary to keep the teachers from breathing down his throat. He couldn't be bothered by the extra work that would come if he hadn't.

Over time, Cody became fairly reclusive. His social skills deteriorated. His hobbies became rather one dimensional, limiting himself to games (board games or video games), television, napping, watching the stars/clouds and his personal favorite: napping. Inactivity became a pastime of his. Cody became bored easily when trying new things, ultimately returning to simply lying around at home at peace with himself. It was the only time he felt truly comfortable and ironically productive. He bathed in his glory. Lying on the couch with the music blasting while his parents were out. Talk about living the life. At least he picked up a few useful skills as he mindlessly tried hobby after hobby.

Cody became rather detached from the world, limiting himself to very few acquaintances and becoming virtually invisible to his parents who once again favored their valedictorian and the baby sister with ADD. Cody lived his life by sitting in the back of the classroom, staring at the window or catching a few "Z"s while the teacher lectured about pointless things no one cared about. School was a breeze though, if only because idle time spent reading books or surfing the Internet filled his head with useless information that happened to be on tests. "A"s filled his report card like cake fills up an obese man.

Because of his high grades, Cody was able to squeeze himself into the Pallet Academy, partly due to family pressure (his older brother did it, why not him?) and because Cody didn't care to look into anything else of interest. Moving from his hometown down to Pallet was a drag but he didn't mind, as his parents helped him find a place to crash for the time at school. While there, somewhat surprising was Cody's natural aptitude for Pokemon and Pokemon training. It wasn't hard to figure what type beat what, what move was better than what and how to build a basic team really. It's all logic. It's all common sense. Cody was good at that kind of thing. So when Cody became one of the top graduates and was selected to get a Pokemon and Pokedex, he wasn't surprised. The whole journey thing though…it sounded like a lot of work.

Theme: Got Nuffin'- Spoon

Example Role Play:


"Cody Willingham! Wake up, mister!" A thunderous voice echoed through the halls of the Willingham household. "Look! I know you are there. Just open the door."

Groaning and turning around on his bed, Cody collapsed to the floor. "Yeah, yeah. Give me a minute." Stumbling over to his closet, Cody grabbed a random shirt to put on and double checked his full body mirror to make sure he can some pants on. Yeah, there were some old shorts. Good enough. It wasn't like he cared what his father thought of him at this point. He had practiced apathy towards him for 6 years now. It was surprisingly easy. Dragging his feet to the door, Cody peered through the crack to see his whole family (minus his older brother as he was off working for some foreign company in Johto). What the hell do they want? , Cody thought to himself. I must have messed up something. Ugh, what a drag. Cody scratched his brain trying to think what he was doing this summer. Nothing really came to mind….it was actually a relaxing summer pardoning the occasional busy today. He hated those. Ready to leap into the fire, Cody opened the door all the way.

His mother embraced him in a big hug while his father shook his hand with his large mittens engulfing Cody's bony hands. His sister was leaping up and down in happiness. Confused and speechless, Cody stood wide eyed until their enthusiasm subsided. But even then, their smiles were wide and bright. "Um…okay. So what's going on?"

"Haven't you been paying any attention at all? What have you been doing all day?" His father gawked at Cody's surprise.

"Sleeping," Cody said bluntly

"You have been chosen as one of the five Rookies from the academy! Today is a big day!"

"Oh, cool," Cody said with a shrug. His parents were caught off guard and their smiles changed to nervous chuckles. "Anything else going on?" His parents and sister then exchanged looks, unsure of what to say in the moment. "Did you want to celebrate or something?" Cody said with a sigh. His parents nodded and told him to be ready in an hour. Cody obliged but only because it seemed to be a big deal.

Cody never expected to be chosen in any capacity. It was easy to see why when you look at his track record when it came to pure effort. He never really studied or "tried", truly succeeding off his uncanny ability and luck. But Cody was surprised; he found the whole Pokemon training is as rather easy if a lot of work to become any "good" as far as professionals were concerned. Cody checked out his computer to look into his fellow graduates and so called "rivals" and none of them really jumped out to him. Then again, he would need to meet them in person to analyze them more throughly. Cody was good at reading at people, loving to analyze them like a puzzle. It was a game to him and it was always fun to attempt to solve a person puzzle and more fun to find out how close he was to the truth. He figured that most of the graduates were Pokemon enthusiasts who couldn't wait to seize the "opportunity of a lifetime" and accomplish a few of their dreams along the way. People were always dreamers at heart. Even Cody was.

But as excited as they were, there were in for a rude awakening. You see, while they were all getting excited for the journey and the dream of becoming a Pokemon legend, Cody was dreading the odyssey of going around Kanto. The television that played in the background as Cody got changed for his outing with his family played the news that he was all too aware of nowadays: The new Pokemon gang that has been committing crimes throughout the country. It was a wide range of crimes, though many of them seemed Pokemon related, outside of some straight up robberies. The internet videos made them out to be dangerous and Cody had a sinking feeling any time they came up. Since he was chosen, he was destined to travel around the country and given how spread out they were…oh thinking about it was enough work as it was.

Cody got changed and went out with his family, getting dinner and celebrating the moment. It was awkward, begin the center of attention after so many years in obscurity but Cody didn't really mind. Part of him enjoyed it. Part of him wanted to go home. He made some small talk, but otherwise kept to himself, thinking about the road ahead of him: his rivals, the gangs, everything. He wondered how good they were at training, battling, raising, planning, surviving. Cody was curious if he was the best or the worst; the best prepared or the worst prepared. You cannot forget all the x-factors that people can bring to the table. It was a lot to wrap his head around, but the challenge seemed fun and for the first time in a while, he could sense himself getting excited. And it presented a nice excuse to leave home.

When he finally got home, Cody laid in bed actually struggling to sleep. His busy was overwhelmed with information but he found himself slowly sorting out everything. Cody rolled around in bed and laid on his back staring at the ceiling. Images began to fly around his head, appearing as hieroglyphics. They looked unfamiliar but Cody was sure he could figure them out…but OW! Cody felt his head burn as if he took a hot iron poker and stuck it on his forehead to brand himself. He rubbed his head but felt nothing that resembled a wound. Random. Ignoring it, Cody threw himself back onto the bed and covered himself with a blanket. Time for more sleep. Cody deserved it after dealing with his parents for more than an hour.


Pokemon: Pikachu
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male

Personality: Pikachu is, in the simplest of terms, Cody's foil. More energetic, adventurous, and outgoing than Cody, Pikachu is an active Pokemon who is more than willing to get involved in someone else's business. In that regard, Pikachu is invasive and nosy to the point of being a bit of a troublemaker. Pikachu is also poor tempered and a bit aggressive...though he would rather be called assertive. Confident, but not cocky, Pikachu can back up his attitude. Luckily, he is not too poorly tempered to be difficult to control, being surprisingly loyal and obedient. Cody and Pikachu, despite their differences, get along.

Unique Traits: N/A

Paired with the beautiful Pikachu
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