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Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
Hello & I adore your sprites. You're one talented spriter, better than most of us, in fact.

I would like three things & two more in the future.

I would like a Mix!
Pokemon 1 [Base]: Keldeo Resolute
Pokemon 2: Giratina Origin

I would like an Avatar Pixelover!
Pokemon: Black Kyurem
Image: Black Kyurem
Shiny: No

I would like an Avatar Pixelover!
Pokemon: White Kyurem
Image: White Kyurem
Shiny: No

Take your time, no rush. Happy spriting from me.
I don't have enough time to work on the mix, it hasn't worked out so far though, do you want something else instead?

here are the pixelovers:

Originally Posted by danaxe View Post
I would like a Recolour!
Pokemon 1 [base]: absol
Pokemon 2: gigalith

your absol pixel art was top range
you are exellent
i will send you an fr
thank you, glad you liked it :3

5 spots open now, may not get any new requests finished until the weekend now as i'm quite busy.