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    Hello! It's me again. I have one large question this time. I do believe the only thing coming after this thread will be the actual story!

    While planning my story I realised that pokemon wouldn't trust you just because you caught them. In fact, every self aware living organism would behave in a like manner. So, to gain their trust you have to demonstrate you are trustworthy. In other words, you have to do something for them.

    It would vary for all pokemon, like a bannette would want you to help find it's old master so it can kill him, or a yamask would want to kill the man who killed him originally, so you must go along and help find the man. Albeit, more focused on the individual, rather than the species.

    The idea did sprout from Mass Effect 2, in which you have to do a loyalty mission for crewmates to gain their trust and ensure their survival of the suicide mission.

    So here it is:

    Should a chapter be set aside for each individual pokemon to have their share of character development, would this be a filler and is that a bad thing? Explain your thinking.

    All ideas are welcome. If the idea is plain stupid say so, but you should give reasoning so I can reconsider with those points in mind. If you feel there is something else I should know go ahead and mention that too.