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I would host any of the word games/searches/crosswords/etc. And I'd still like to do the other word game I suggested in the suggestions' thread, if that's still possible. I've got it all prepped if anyone wants to look over it.

Pokémon Pairing Word Game

To play you have to guess the pair of Pokémon whose names both match the letter clues. Each clue has EXACTLY TWO Pokémon that fit it (and no more). You have to guess BOTH correct answers to get that clue right. That’s the challenge.

This quiz uses the official English names for Pokémon. Just so we’re clear. Spelling obviously counts if you want to get the right answers, but if you misspell when you submit your guesses that won’t count against you (unless it’s not clear from your misspelling what your guess is).

You must use all the spaces in a clue. (For example, a clue of “S L O W _ _ _ _” could ONLY be answered with Slowking and Slowpoke because Slowbro is only 7 letters long and the clue is 8 letters long.)

All the matching letters will be shown. (You won’t see a clue like “_ L _ F A _ _ _” for Clefable/Clefairy. Their clue would read “C L E F A _ _ _”.)

Pokémon with non-alphabetic characters (Farfetch'd, Ho-Oh , Mr. Mime, Mime Jr., Nidoran♀, Nidoran♂, Porygon2, and Porygon-Z) will not show up anywhere in this quiz so don’t worry about guessing those.