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    The Swift swooped in and slammed Ignus' back with a Metal Claw. He landed next to Zane. "Nice day for capturing a Sentinel, isn't it?" Before he could answer, he was off again. That voice had entered his head again...curious. It was the same one, but this time he could tell it was feminine. It threatened to destroy something they were fighting to protect...the citizens!

    Jirmonji found the source of the voice after flying around for a little bit...a Gardevoir. She's the Sentinel threatening people. He landed in front of her and noticed a dead Pikachu nearby. Dear Arceus...she's a monster. Nearby was a frightened Pichu. "Hello there. I assume you're a Sentinel, I assume you killed that Pikachu, and I assume that the Pikachu was that Pichu's father. If you're anything like the person I'm thinking of, you're Genevieve. Nice to meet you former sister."