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Uh, SU finished!

It's okay I think... I think I can improve it if I need to. Yeah...


NAME: Deandra Maycomb
GENDER: Female
AGE: 14
BODY: Deandra is about 5'5", maybe an inch shorter. Her skin is pale, more from genetics than not going outside, and her hair is dyed black and purple. Her hair is on the shorter side, but long enough for a pony-tail, which she wears occasionally. Her bangs are the only parts with purple on it. For the moment it'll stay like that, but Deandra likes to experiment with colors, so at any point that purple could become green, or blue, or anything really. She has several piercings, one in her nose, two on her left ear, and one on her lower lip. She's thinking about getting more, but hasn't actually decided yet. Her nails are painted purple, the indexes metallic purple, and she wears one ring on the middle finger of her left hand. She hardly ever wears makeup, but if she ever decides to it will probably be an eye shadow and eye liner that matches her hair.

CLOTHING: It can be said that Deandra dresses boyishly. While her shirt and jeans usually fit, it's not very easy to see past her baggy black hoodie. When she has her hair down, she wears a dull gray beanie hat. In colder weather, she'll wear a chullo. Deandra wears jeans faded from age. Sometimes they can have wholes, but most of them are in good condition. All of her jeans, however, have markings on them from her idle drawings that couldn't be washed away. Frequent washing can cause them to fade, but when they do, she usually draws or writes something new. She usually wears sneakers or converse shoes with ankle socks. Deandra mostly wears darker colors.
PERSONALITY: Deandra is a pretty laid-back girl. Most of the time, anyways. Well... Okay, so, like, look. This is how it is. Deandra isn't going to stress about everything. She's at that point in life with that personality that just says "You think I care but I really don't. Seriously, I don't." You could say she was lazy as well. Deandra isn't the adventuring type because... Adventures. Traipsing around the woods and stuff like that? That's a lot of work, man... However, Deandra actually likes seeing wild things, so she could make a compromise. She isn't very excited about all that running around and stuff, especially since metabolism is on her side right now. It might not be right to say she was lazy, now that I think about it, but just unenthused. It's pretty depressing to see an unenthused fourteen year old. They have their life ahead of them, right? So why aren't they excited? Deandra would tell you it's because she hadn't seen anything exciting. What Deandra needs is a little push, or a friend that'll force her into everything to get her going the way she should. But while we get her uninterested, somewhat detached, and frankly blunt surface out of the way (which I think we can count as a con, depending on where you stand), then we can move onto to the side of the spectrum that doesn't make you think, "Well why is she here, then?"

Deandra isn't here because adventuring is the coolest thing or because the greater good needs or or because this would be her start as a Pokemon trainer. Deandra is here because she likes wildlife. Pokemon, animals, bugs, trees, flowers. They're all interesting in their own little ways. She doesn't really like telling people that, or showing it, though. As a kid she enthusiastically looked up all the information she could understand on anything that had to do with biology and still does so today. She figured she could get a hands-on experience by now. As a kid she used to try and sneak up behind Pokemon, sit down, and watch everything they did and take sloppy, childish notes. Now that she's older, she's gotten better at taking notes, sneaking, and makes little illustrations to add to her scientific studies. It may be one of her deepest dreams to become some sort of biologist one day. If she could talk to Pokemon, she'd give them interviews. If anything can make her happy, it's her Aipom. If she needs a reason to calm down, usually he knows how to help her out, and that's a good thing. Out of all Pokemon, she'd have to say that aquatic Pokemon and animals were her favorite. It was much harder to observe marine life when they were always in the water. The mystery surrounding these water-dwellers made them the most interesting, so they took up her mind the most. Deandra has very little interest in battling or leagues of any sort, so the whole gym part of this mission is pretty much a big negative on this awesome opportunity. Oh well, maybe she'd find a way around it. She was good at shirking.

Over the years, Deandra has gotten a lot of nicknames. D, Deedee, Angie, 'Andra, Andrea, Dean, or even Destiny. Out of all of them, she prefers the name Dean or Deana and will sometimes introduce herself that way.

INTERESTS: As stated previously, Deandra is fascinated in wildlife, though she doesn't admit it. Animal Planet and Pokemon Universe were her favorite TV channels when she was younger and today. Discovery Channel isn't half-bad either. The science of creatures, how they're made, and above all, how they behave, is the Super Rod of her mind and attention. Other than that, Deandra enjoys drawing, which she is fairly proficient at. Video games and texting aren't half-bad either.

DISLIKES: Deandra doesn't like it when anyone disturbs whatever she's observing. That may be her biggest irk of all, since it ruins everything. She also doesn't like work, which is more of a given, and isn't exactly fond of children. She thinks her parents are kind of a drag too and her brother was an annoying snot-nose. Those counts as dislikes, right? People?

HISTORY: Deandra was born on Cinnabar Island and has always been on Cinnabar Island. She hasn't gone to a new house or anything like that, and relatives usually came over there to visit. There wasn't a lot of leaving and coming back going on. As a kid Deandra was pretty excitable and everything in the world made her high like candy. She was pretty energetic. Honestly, her parents don't know what happened then and now. As a kid, Deandra would always chase after birds or Fearow and try and catch them with her own bare hands. Maybe animals and Pokemon can sense who the children are, very few of them turned around and chased her back. Not that she minded, she liked the chase unless she got hurt. To try and keep her energy in check, her uncle got her a pet Pokemon, an Aipom that had just been born at his shop not too long ago. It really didn't take long for the two of them to get alone and both have been pretty much inseparable. Beads and sparkles and earrings and jewelry in general was something that Deandra loved. She isn't as into the fashion scene now, but some good jewelry never hurt. Her parents are very acquainted with her loves for biological research, even though she wished they didn't. The only pro was that they got her stuff relating to it and were good support, but other than that they were really annoying about it. She was probably the parallel to her younger brother (coming around four years later), who just wants to smash some Pokemon heads together and battle, fight, and train like a good ol' traditional Pokemon trainer. While Pokemon fascinated Deandra, gym leaders were her brother's idles and were his best role models (other than dad, of course). When this whole "thing" started, he noticed the change in the gym leaders before the rest of them did. Deandra was sure they were all like that, but her brother was much more adamant and, later on, much more disappointed. His little trainer dreams were being crushed by the day. It may have been his sorrows and Deandra's own interests that made her agree to help Ambella. Not only would she see wildlife she never could and be away from home for a while, she could also get to the bottom of the gym leader's attitude change. When she left, she told her brother that she wouldn't come back until the gym leaders were good again. She wasn't really sure if she could keep that promise, but it made him smile.
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