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Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
You have to realize they didn't just put higher levels but actually changed how leveling works...
Look, you get a ****load of exp from defeating pokemon with higher levels compared to what you are leveling.
That means everything can catch up, to the level you are encountering atm, hell of a lot easier than in the previous games.
And THAT is the reason all those pokemon have so high requirements. It was the only way of keeping evolving a pseudolegend a tougher task.
Um, no.

No matter how many stats you bring up, it's still ridiculously difficult to evolve a Pokemon that evolves at Lv64. In fact, I found it more difficult to evolve my Hydreigon in white version than evolving my Tyranitar in Heart Gold.

By the way, I still had just as tough a time evolving my Dragonair and Pupitar in B/W. I found it no less difficult, considering I actually care about good stats and didn't just spam Audino+Lucky Egg.

And Gardevoir is fine just the way it is. If you simply play through R/S/E with one of them (considering that those were the games the Pokemon were intended for), it will probably evolve around Fortree city (at least if you're training a moderately full team equally). And when it evolves, it won't be overpowered at all. Mine certainly wasn't, it got destroyed by half the enemies it faced.
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