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    NAME: Eli King

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 17
    BODY: Eli has dirty blond hair which he keeps short in a buzz cut. His facial hair is starting to grow in, but he keeps himself clean shaven. In fact, most of him is shaven as he does a lot of competitive swimming. His eyes are dark brown, but he usually keeps them covered with sunglasses or goggles. His skin has a slight tan due to being outdoors most of the time. If he isn’t careful though, he can burn pretty easily.

    Eli stands tall at around 5’10” and weighs a healthy 160 lbs. He has good muscle mass due to his athleticism; not too built, but still very fit. His features are masculine, with broad shoulders, a prominent brow, and a square jaw. This, accompanied with his usually serious demeanor, tends to intimidate some people. The impression he gives off is “tough guy you don’t want to mess with.”

    CLOTHING: His usual attire consists of a simple black tank top and camouflage pattern cargo pants, accompanied by brown boots and black aviator sunglasses. Many people ask if he’s trying to dress up like Lt. Surge, but it’s really just a coincidental resemblance. When it’s particularly hot outside, he dons brown shorts and sandals instead. Since he’s a swimmer, he always has his suit, goggles, and a swim cap handy. He has a simple brown wristwatch on his right arm, and a brown satchel where he stores all of his supplies.
    PERSONALITY: Eli is a reserved and quiet young man, keeping mostly to himself. While his stoicism makes him seem cold, he is actually a nice guy. He just doesn’t express himself as easily. He’s a pretty serious person most of the time, and his sense of humor is terrible. He rarely laughs at anything, and when he does, it isn’t even remotely funny to anyone else. He also takes everything someone says seriously, so it’s best not to use sarcasm or figures of speech around him.

    He is a very protective person. If anything threatens his loved ones, he’ll do anything to stop it. He also has a strong sense of justice, so if he sees anyone in danger or committing a crime, he will step in, regardless of how unwise it is. Other than those situations, he always thinks before he acts. Often times, he ends up overthinking things, but that’s beside the point. He is generally a very rational and mature person.

    INTERESTS: As stated several times already, Eli is a swimmer, and a competitive one at that. While he usually swims in pools, he also loves to swim in the ocean. He almost fells more comfortable in the water than on land. This leads him to have somewhat of a bias towards water-type Pokemon, as he enjoys swimming with them.

    Another bias that wasn’t nearly as obvious was his love of cute Pokemon. He is an absolute sucker for anything cute, in fact. This is very surprising to most people, as he gives off such a manly vibe, but when there’s a cute Pokemon around, he practically melts. It’s quite an amusing sight.

    DISLIKES: He detests criminals and delinquents. If you’re not a law abiding citizen, you’re automatically on Eli’s bad side. If someone is just rude or obnoxious, but haven’t done anything wrong, he’ll be annoyed by them on the inside, but outwardly tolerate them.

    He also has a terrible sense of direction, so he dislikes maps, as they never seem to help him. He has to rely on other people to tell him where something is, or else he’s just wandering blindly around.

    HISTORY: Eli used to live in Nimbasa City, Unova. He had a large family, with three siblings, his parents, and his grandmother all living together in one house. His mother was a retired actress who ran a small gardening shop, and his father was a businessman who worked in Castelia City. It was a happy and lively time. Eli got along well with his siblings, and even though his older sister loved to tease him, it was all in good fun.

    Unfortunately, those times didn’t last. When Eli was six years old, his parents got into a fight. No one knew what had caused it, or what it was about, as they kept it to themselves. Whatever it was, they kept arguing about it, and eventually they split up. Eli and his younger sister Isabelle ended up going with their father, while his two older siblings went with his mother. It was a devastating time for everyone, as they didn’t like being split from half of their family, but after a while, they simply got used to it.

    Eli’s father was originally from Kanto, so they ended up moving to his home town of Cinnabar Island. The two kids were mainly taken care of by their aunt and uncle, as their father was busy with work. It was a big change for Eli, but he ended up adapting well to the new environment, making friends locally and getting involved in the local swim team. Isabelle was only three at the time, so she didn’t even remember her life back in Nimbasa.

    For Eli’s 16th birthday, he got a Pokemon egg as a gift from his aunt. She knew how much he loved Pokemon, especially cute Water-types. He took care of the egg and raised it lovingly, bringing it with him wherever he went. Before long, it hatched into an adorable Azurill he named Dot. They got along very well, and she joined him whenever he went for a swim. They were practically inseparable.
    SPECIES: Azurill

    GENDER: Female
    RP sample
    (From Hoenn ReBURST - Chapter 2)

    Shortly after entering the route, Becky was suddenly faced with a confrontation.

    "Your Poochyena ate my lunch!"

    "Liar! My little Poochy would never do such a thing!"

    There were two kids, around ten years old, who were quarreling near the route's entrance. One was a boy, holding an empty lunch box. The other was a girl, holding a Poochyena in her arms. Neither looked like they would stop any time soon. Becky decided to step in.

    "Alright, what seems to be the problem here?" She stepped towards them, trying to mediate the fight.

    The boy spoke up first. "Julie's Poochyena just ate my lunch! I saw it!"

    "No, he did not!" The girl protested. "Tom's just making things up again!" Her Poochyena barked in agreement.

    "Are you sure it was her Poochyena?" She questioned Tom. "You could have seen a wild one instead."

    "No, it was definitely Poochy! It had the stupid pink collar and everything!"

    "It's not stupid, it's cute!"

    "It is stupid!"

    "You're stupid!"

    "Shut up, both of you!" Becky snapped. The two were silent, intimidated by her sudden rage. She noticed this, and tried to regain her composure. "Look, is this really such a big deal? I have some food in my bag, so if you're hungry you can have some of that, okay?" Tom stared at his feet and mumbled.

    "And you," She turned to Julie. "Are you completely sure your Poochy didn't do it? Can you say so with absolute certainty?" Julie looked down at her Poochyena. "W-Well, not really. For a little while, I wasn't paying attention to her. But it was such a short time! And she's an angel, there's no way she could do that..." Her Poochyena whined, looking guilty.

    Becky sighed. "Look, nobody's perfect. We all make mistakes, even Poochy. So let's stop all of this silly fighting. Cheer up, okay? How about a Pokemon battle? Those are fun."

    "But I don't have any Pokemon..." Tom frowned.

    "Hey lady, can I challenge you?" Julie asked. "You're a trainer, right?"

    "Sure, of course you can." She smiled. "You've probably had Poochy longer than I've had mine though."

    "I'm not that good at battling though. Momma thinks it's not proper for a young lady."

    "So what?" Becky scoffed. "You don't have to be proper. Just do what you want to do. Why should you let her decide what's right for you? I never listened to my mother, and I think I turned out just fine." She smiled, feeling proud of herself. "Anyways, this'll be good battle practice for the both of us! I've never fought another trainer before."

    Julie seemed excited. "Okay! Let's do it!" Poochy leaped out of her arms, barking in agreement.

    "Well, I can see she's ready to go." Becky giggled. She pulled out a sandwich from her backpack and tossed it to Tom. "Here, have this. I was saving it for later, but I can just get something in Petalburg. Hope you like PB&J!" He smiled. "Thanks, lady! You're cool."

    "Please, call me Becky!" She took out a Poke Ball. "Now let's go, Bayou!" The Mudkip emerged from the ball with his signature goofy grin. "I'll let you go first, Julie."

    "Alright! Poochy use Tackle!" The Poochyena barked and ran straight into Bayou. He fell over from the attack, but got back up ready to go. "Use Water Gun, Bayou!" Becky called. He squirted a bunch of water right at Poochy's face. She shook it off easily.

    "Hmm, try using Sand-Attack!" Julie said. Poochy turned around and kicked up the dirt into Bayou's face. He coughed and had a hard time seeing. "Get her back with a Mud Slap!" He did the same thing and tossed dirt at Poochy's face as well. Now both Pokemon had trouble seeing.

    "That's no good! Use Tackle on him!" The Poochyena charged towards where she thought he was, but ended up tripping over a rock. "Here's our chance, use Water Gun!" Bayou shot water at Poochy, but it ended up going over her and hitting a tree. This was obviously getting nowhere fast. It was time for a new plan.

    "Hey Julie, you wouldn't happen to have an umbrella, do you?" Becky asked hopefully. She just look confused. "No, why would I? It's a sunny day today." Becky glanced around the route. "Well, you probably want to hide under that tree over there. You too, Tom. Just trust me."

    Once everyone was situated underneath a tree, Becky called out to her Pokemon. "Okay Bayou, you can use Rain Dance now!" He smiled and began to hop around like he usually did. Almost instantly, storm clouds began to gather over the battlefield, and began pouring rain. The rain water washed out the dirt from the Pokemon's eyes, and they were in prime condition to fight again.

    "Alright! Now Poochy, use Bite!" Poochy chomped on Bayou's tail fin. He began to freak out and run around the field, with Poochy staying clamped on his tail. "Shake her off, shake her off!" Becky shouted. Eventually, after much flailing, he managed to get her off his tail. "Great! Now use your Water Gun!" Tired, but still fighting, Bayou shot a powerful blast of water that directly hit Poochy. It was too much for her, and she fell over fainted.

    As quickly as it arrived, the rain soon let up, allowing the people to emerge from their shelter under the trees. "You did great, Bayou." Becky congratulated him. "Time for a good rest." He returned back to his Poke Ball. Julie picked up the fainted Poochyena. "You did good too, Poochy." She smiled. "We didn't win, but it was still fun being in a real battle."

    Shortly after the battle, they went their separate ways. Tom and Julie walked back to their homes in Petalburg, and Becky stayed in the Route, deciding to do a bit more training, and perhaps even catch another Pokemon. Still, seeing the kids happily on their way home warmed her heart, and put her in a really good mood.