Thread: [Gen V] OU My first Team
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Old September 9th, 2012 (1:13 PM).
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Add Lucario with modest nature and Aura sphere. Dark types are pretty much screwed.

You may want to consider giving Deoxys
Stealth Rock
Thunderbolt or Hidden Power (Fire)
Psycho Boost or Psychic

Thunderbolt covers the common water typed rapid spinners (that clear entry hazards) and Hidden Power (Fire) covers foretress (choose which depending on what you feel your team needs more.
In general either HP(F) or Thunderbolt also cover big threats to Deoxys. Psycho Boost is good for general cover and gets STAB but there are plenty of other viable options but I'd actually use Psychic since it has no drop and is still powerful with STAB.