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Name: Minato Namikaze
Age: 17
Gender: M
Description: 5'11, 170 pounds. Minato is a fairly tall, fair-skinned man with bright blue-eyes and spiky blond hair and jaw length bags framing either side of his face.
Personality: very intuitive and clever from a young age.Calm, collected, and highly perceptive. He is respectful of those around him; he doesn't like freely speaking about others' pasts, and is said to be a very nice person. He deeply cares for his friends and family. He also enjoyes reading, and takes a special liking to reading Jiraiya's work his uncle in particular.
Team: Magma
Pokemon: Larvesta
From: Johto
History: He grew up in johto for a long time and deeply values the friendships he's made there. He's a very reliable guy, values teamwork. He decided to come after his girlfriend moved away from the country, deciding to start things fresh.
Other:Has a penchant for redheads.
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