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Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
This is what I hate. This pretentious "You're not a true fan if-" bullcrap.

In all truth, you're a Pokemon fan if you enjoyed any of the games. You have no right to call someone "not a fan", even if they enjoy a different part of the series than you do. Yes, even if you think that the older gens were better, you are still a fan.

There is no criteria that dictates what is and isn't a fan.
It's just bad form and doesn't really make sense. If you only liked one set of games in a franchise and didn't like the rest of them, it doesn't make sense to imply that you're a fan of the entire franchise. If I hated all Final Fantasy games except for XI, I wouldn't be a fan of the franchise, I would be a fan of Final Fantasy XI. See what I mean?

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