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    "You haven't met me," said Ragnaros. He looked up as black flames erupted across in the sky. "You know," he said, still staring at the sky where the flames had disappeared into, "why don't you come with me to the battlefield? Our friends might need help," he paused, "Yeah, friends. The remaining Gold Tribe members who started all this."

    Ragarnos walked past Ignus, saying,"I'd offer you a flight, but I don't usually enjoy that. Besides, things with the sky guard could get real... bloody."

    Ignus took all of this in. Ragnaros seemed like a trustworthy guy, though a bit of an a**hole. Ignus decided to follow him. They walked in silence, before coming to the front gates. Endless hordes of Ancients tried to stop the Alpha Alliance from getting in, but the Alliance was pushing through. Ragnaros paused for a minute, before diving into the fray. He went into full out kill mode, slashing and shooting hydropumps left and right. That was effective for a dragon, but Ignus had something else in mind. He started picking off anyone who got too far away from the main group, usually utilizing U-turn and Shadow claw to take them out quickly. He used Night Daze to blind a few with illusions or Extrasensory to distort them, before either letting Ragnaros's rampage kill them or doing it himself. His method may be slower, but in the long run it kept him breathing longer, right?

    Suddenly, a huge flash blinded Ignus himself. Shi-! he thought. Ignus couldn't see, as the flash had been just before his eyes. The sound was overbearing too, like a giant explosion. As his vision slowly came back to him, Ignus tried to find the source of the flash, but was still fuzzy from the shock. Several dead ancients were around him, and the Alpha Alliance was still making its way into the city. Ignus turned and ran, and kept running until this mind was clear. Ignus started to sit down and rest, but a house exploded not too far from him.

    "Damn it! Can we go five minutes without blowing something up int his damn city?!"

    Ignus looked up. Several Aerodactyls were firing hyper beams at numerous houses. Well damn. The city was being destroyed slowly by unintelligent ancients....wait. How are they organizing an attack like this? They must be under control of a sentential....but who? Ignus scanned the scene for someone, seeing a Gardevoir, a Grovyle, and a Sawk on the top of a building.

    What the hell is going on here?

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