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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Penance crackled with laughter as his attacks flew forward, then Guardy had to ruin it! She grabbed him as she told him to stop. "Breakdown? You're doing a shakedown!" He giggled at his wordplay. Penance just idly heard what Calamity said and rolled his eyes, "Talk talk talk! Never do but talk! Just like Gwen!" He muttered.

    He was grabbed by his neck and pulled along and turned back to Calamity, "See ya! Do things and stuff!" He crackled as he waved good-bye while he was forcibly dragged. Eventually she did stop dragging him, but he ran as well. He wasn't an idiot to see what should be seen but would kill those that saw the scene that would be viewed! She was powerful, but not the powerful kind of powerful, the other kind of power stuff!

    "Update on Sovereign. He's actually too busy to join the main battle. I saw the black fire in the sky. What's going on?"

    Bake and whip! Cream there, some blood there! Perhaps a bit of pumpkin in the middle! Penance gleefully shot back as he giggled to himself.

    Suddenly the ground shook and Penance kept his eyes closed tightly as rubble shifted around. "What the hell just happened?!"

    Penance giggled, "Boom boom! Saw that some time ago! Pokemon goes boom! Cala is thrown all over!" He crackled. "But that time is gone! Now we pick up the pieces, have to be all over you know! Not yet though! Roses are still here!" He claimed as he pointed to the sky at the Ancients. "They keep falling ya know?" He said with a nod.