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    Originally Posted by Takren7 View Post
    The term "FULL" confuses me a bit. Does that mean that this game has been completed? I read through the whole thread and it seems more versions will be released in the future... Thank you.
    Take a look in 'VII- Future Plan'. sblazerj13 is right (but I wouldn't say "constant" or "always"). Also, take a look in VII- Future Plans.

    Originally Posted by jasonwolf View Post
    Name: Jason (what can I say I'm a bit full of myself)

    Team: Charizard, Electivire, Gallade, Crobat, Krokodille

    Comment: IDK you said we can so here is one. He's a traveling trainer one who is still searching for the perfect pokemon to cap off his team.
    This is a normal trainer, right?
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