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Originally Posted by hinkage View Post
Okay, well I guess I'm the only person so far. I actually think this contest could be fun. My map is sorta based off the route to Zora's Domain in Zelda OoT.

Credits: WesleyFG/Game Freak for tiles and palettes.

It's an attachment so you can enlarge it more.

Hey that actually seems pretty thought out!

Assuming the player doesn't have surf the first time around, it would suck the wrong way initially (unless they both lead to the same place ;o ). I can imagine having to go back all the way up then around back down. Cool map concept nonetheless. Often people don't design their maps for more than one trip.

I am allowed to give my comments on maps that are posted I assume :D?
Doesn't matter about the map, he'll probably win by default anyways.