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    Originally Posted by surfer treecko View Post
    I'm trying repointing the cries of various Pokemon with Cry Pointer Repointer, however finding the pointers for the cries of Hoenn Pokemon is proving to be difficult as there doesn't seem to be any order to them.

    For example, I'm trying to find Zigzagoon's cry. Typing in the PokeID 288 (zigzagoon's index number) gives me Nuzleaf's cry, 289 (testing to see if evolutions follow one another) gives my Shiftry's cry, 263 (Zigzagoon's national dex number) gives me what I think is Jirachi's cry, and 255 gives me Electrike's cry. It doesn't seem to follow any pattern at all...

    I'm editing Fire Red btw.
    The best idea would be to use PokeCry v1.0 (GUI) and Hex Editor. In PokeCry you have CORRECT order (index numbers). Get the offset, reverse it, find in Hex Editor and change to your new offset (of course put there reversed new one). It worked for me in FireRed (and Ruby too :D).
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