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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
My team would be this:


Roserade would be the strongest member of my team, with Skuntank, Crobat and Vileplume being slightly lower level and my weakest members would be the two Nidos.
Interesting team! What made you choose those Pokémon? And why is Roserade your strongest? :3 Gotta admit, I never thought you were a Roserade kind of person xD I love the Nidoking/queen combination though, they're be awesome together :D

Originally Posted by Queen of Poison View Post
I guess its because I love them Pokemon. And Tentacruel can be useful against ground types and Drapion is good against Psychic types.

Also Crobat is a Beast.
Oh wow, I didn't even think about that whilst making my team xD I forgot about Poison's weaknesses so yeah I agree, Tentacruel and Drapion are brilliant choices for the reasons you said. I'm disappointed at the lack of Swalot and Garbodor though D; Those are staple Poison types imo, they're all basically just forms of Muk, the original Poison type beast xD

I notice that no one chose to use Venomoth despite it being a very good Pokémon in the current metagame, why is that I wonder? :3 I personally love Venomoth but it just didn't cross my mind lmao, I'd probably replace Scolipede with it. Although Scolipede is one of those epic looking Pokémon that'd really intimidate the opponent whereas a moth... isn't. xD So it's a hard choice ;; Being an E4 member isn't just about show, you also need presentation!