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    Okay thanks! I shall start now! XD Finished! Sorry, it's not as epic as my other one. I'm running on low steam.


    Name: Josiah "Joey" Spanner

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Sin: Envy

    Virtue: Diligence


    Well, aren't you a cutie?

    If Joey has to hear that one more time, he'll cry. He really will. He's been called a girl more than most rockstars and he is not even a punk. That just isn't nice you know. Anyway...

    Joey is the unfortunate soul whose lack of puberty has led him to looking significantly less male than he ought to look. Lots of people are embarrassed by this, no one more than he himself. It is not simply his lack of height that gives this illusion, though he's pretty sure it isn't hindering it either. It's the fact that he's... curvy. Most males don't have curves, particularly ones that make your form look according to specialists,petite. It's rather humiliating, especially when you take into consideration that he's also got a mild case of asthma. He tends to have to look up at people a lot, nine times out of ten at people in his own age group. His skin is rather tan actually, he does spend time in the sun. Plus one of his parents was supposedly of foreign descent (Not that he's sure) which accentuates his skin color to a light golden-brown. His father jokes that it matches the rest of him.

    He's a little blond boy, angelic in the face and naturally fulfilling every stereotype despite the color being the color of wheat and his face sporting a couple of early pimples. His smiles hold a dimple and accentuate his multicolored eyes, one of which is hazel and the other forest green. Both have a slight tinge of grey, which in his opinion is just plain odd. His hair is a wild mass of fluffed up everywhere, so it sticks up all over the place. In his ears are a pair of small blue hearing aids and a red bandanna sometimes rests on his head to keep his unkempt hair out of his eyes.

    Joey wears old, baggy clothes. Part of this is to hide how girly he looks, while another part is simply because he doesn't want to get paint on nice things. Everything he owns basically dangles off his limbs like noodles. Underneath a black smock is a white shirt, buttoned formally so it doesn't slip off. Blue jeans are held up by a belt and torn at the cuffs, leaving his mostly bare feet to barely be covered by plain sneakers. Around his neck is a cross, one that he doesn't know if it means any value to him or not. Also, Joey carries a "man-purse" because he gets rather paranoid about his art supplies and such, as well as his homework. There's no makeup or girly things in there... except a teddy bear.


    Joey is that kid at the side of the room who knows the answer the question but doesn't have enough guts to actually poke it out of his mouth. That would require speaking and he has about as much confidence in that as a sea anemone. It's not that he's scared of people actually. He grew up with about five brothers, three sisters, and his parents for god's sake. He got over his fear of people years ago. He just has this horrible case of permanent stage fright. It makes him stutter, jump, slur a couple words, and be a general nuisance to the population. Joey can talk to people. In fact, small groups without any particular big and scary authority are perfectly fine for him. Just no class, no classroom with high expectations. EVER.

    Even when he talks to people, Joey has a quiet voice, almost rather shy. However, it's also somewhat peppy. He has the natural ability to get people interested in what he's saying. He also speaks to the point. While he's very happy listening to people ramble about kittens, he knows people really don't want to listen to him do it. He doesn't look or sound much like a boy so he figures it's just because his sheer oddity is disconcerting. He can be found mumbling to himself, mostly because he's very forgetful and recording it with a pen he carries in his pocket.

    Joey is a well-known cloud-cuckoolander. He's a brilliant boy mind you, but he's also rather dreamy, spacing out and accidentally doodling on his homework. He'll also lose his train of thought rather easily and drift off mid-sentence. Then he'll jump back with something about pumpkins or another equally as random topic. He happens to know a lot about everything but his inability to use this information is rather disheartening... along with the fact that he blurts some of it randomly. This dreamy sort of thought process sometimes causes him to confuse people but he has faith he will get the right thing eventually. He's rather willing to wait.

    He really likes animals and art, especially sheep he's accidentally dumped paint on. He's been around animals since he was very young and misses his miniature horse Bella, who was such a sweet darling to him. He gets rather... focused when working on his works. It's just a shame his handwriting is god awful. Joey is a bit of a nature freak. If there was a topic he could remember, it's that one.

    Josiah dislikes showoffs and super talented people. Ironically, he has the potential to be one of those people. He just... doesn't. He's really jealous of them because they don't bother to deal with everyone else and plow on ahead with what they want. He's of course also angry but he mostly wishes he could overcome his own issues. He's really jealous of people who can play sports, since he's well... got a few issues with that. He's doing his best though. He's getting slowly better at running. Joey works hard to overcome things... even though he usually falls flat on his face. Everything is so great in concept right?


    Josiah was probably born in Hawaii. Or Toronto. Or somewhere over there. He doesn't know. What he does know is that he was adopted from a Wales orphanage after being very abruptly dropped onto the manager's lap as a toddler by a couple of enigmatic people who he has no memory of. He wasn't very well liked at this place, but he wasn't hated either. He was the weird little kid who could barely hear and run around, but read books rather well. A couple, having an oddly large family that enjoyed mixing themselves with the other children, pulled him along for the ride at the age of six.

    Poor Josiah ended up that day with four siblings (at the time) and a whole lot of animals on the closest thing to a city farm that exists. He was dragged all around a house by kids he didn't even know and proceeded to scream and run outside, hiding in the sand dune for about six hours. They did thankfully find him. He unfortunately didn't have a particularly good time for a good few months, even years due to the family havign this bad habit of magically multiplying. However, he did grow used to it and the whole being homeschooled thing. He didn't mind learning at home, his siblings certainly didn't. After all, this was faster, had use of the internet, and tended not to make him wake up early.Also, they gave him hearing aids, which he's very happy about.

    However, others, namely neighbors, did.

    His brothers had this little habit of... screaming while they were outside. People didn't like that at eleven in the morning, particularly since all of their children were in little rooms doing work. Gosh darn it all so would the crazy Spanner clan. However, whenever they came to complain, all they saw was Josiah, studiously working away under the tutelage of his adoptive mother, as well as a few of the quieter children. Well, them and the occasional farm animal laying nearby. No one was quite sure what to say to this.

    It was around this point, before the big scary test day, that Joey started raising Bella as a "project". She wasn't precisely easy to tame but the two of them had fun. Besides, what neighbor kid could say they had a horse? Really now, that was the pinnacle of cool! Sort of.

    The whole thing with the academy was unfortunately neighbors taking notice and "blackmailing" the poor Spanner group into giving it a test run. No one, least of all Joey, expected him to get in. Sadly he did and to be honest, it still kind of scares him.

    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."