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    Originally Posted by Altomare View Post
    It also continuously made me wonder if Shaymin is male or female....because in land form (s)he acts more like a girl, unlike in sky form.
    Shaymin is genderless, in the movie I believe it's voiced by a female, genders don't determine the personality of a species and how they act for example, though I'm a boy I tend to be a little timid in the morning, but at night I feel that I have a lot more confidence and motivation (I'm like the exact opposite of a shaymin xD)

    Anyway for my favorite, I have to say Rise of Darkrai. Darkrai had an amazing role, the tension at the end of the movie didn't feel like any other, and I always love music on top of that, being applied to the actual story, Oracion will always bring back instant memories just by hearing it.

    There are a lot of other movies that I really enjoyed as well, Power of One, Pokemon Heroes, Giratina and the Sky Warrior, Arceus and the Jewel of Life, and others.
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