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    I can start creating pretty much any part of the game; I would just have preferred to begin with the Library.

    Thanks for the card images, but we shouldn't be using images of the whole card. We just need the illustration itself. Making those should wait, though, until we've decided what a card is actually going to look like (e.g. the size of it, which will depend on the designs of the various screens). Ideally, a card will look the same in every screen (except the Card Info, where all its information will be displayed rather than just the important stuff).

    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    Your design certainly looks nice, but the layout needs improving.

    The whole point of the Card Dex is for it to display a list, which means it's better if you can see more of the list at once. What you've done is waste some vertical space for the header and footer, and then space out the list more than necessary (48 pixels per line as opposed to the standard 32), resulting in just 5 entries visible at once.

    The only sorting method will be by index number, so the footer is completely unnecessary.

    I don't know whether we'll bother with "seen". It's simpler to use just "owned". And in that case, there's no need for an icon to show that a card is owned - the name being shown will suffice.
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