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In HGSS I had a variety of different areas where I'd often ponder around, train or try and find hidden items. The Elite Four was probably the place where I'm found the most, mainly due to the fact that while completeing my main journey, my pokemon were relatively undeleveled before facing them, so I used them as a training method, swithcing my weaker pokemon out with a stronger pokemon as soon as the battle had begun. I was also quite attracted toward Azalea town, I think it was due to Kurt and the balls he crafted, which I heavily relied upon to catch Entei, Suicune and Raikou.

In DPPt, having not played it in awhile, I can't quite remember where I'd usually hang around. I think when I got bored, I'd often just fly to random places around the region and cycle through already explored routes in hope to find something that I didn't uncover on my first exploration. I definitely can remember wandering around Victory Road quite a bit, (again, it was a good place to train), but other than that, I don't think I had really any.
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