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Originally Posted by myrrhman View Post
Well hm, I did in fact get the ROM, which WAS in fact easy to get, and so far, it just feels like an average game to me. Mind you I don't think I'm very far,
I have the Fighting/Electric/Bug castles unlocked, and I'm building up my army at the moment
but I don't really see how much harder a monotype would be. It would be hard in the sense of I think you might have to duo the game with Jigglypuff for quite a while until you can get a stone (which I don't know how to yet, do you just find them in battles like the other items?) because I'm pretty sure you start out in the normal castle, but there aren't any normal trainers to try to recruit, only wild Pokemon. Its not a bad game, but nothing spectacular. I might do a monotype when I play through it once though.
okay i wont make a challenge in it unless it gets popular aha and to get moon stone you can either luckiyl find it after a battle or later in the game theres a travelling salesmen wich you can buy all the evo stones from. and if you want to evolve your eevee into leafeon just win a battle in the grass castle with about 80% link but id recomend evolving eevee into glaceon because the last castle is quite hard unless you have an ice type
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