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The Pokéradar was an item added in the Sinnoh region which allowed you to effectively work out which Pokémon was where in the grass you were standing in and then allowed you to encounter specific Pokémon as a result. It was complicated to use until you got the hang of it but by building up a chain of finding the same Pokémon several times in a row, it allowed you to catch shiny Pokémon at much higher chances! Which each Pokémon you 'chained', the chances of the next one being a shiny were increased. However if you went into the wrong patch even one time you broke your chain and had to start over again. It wasn't easy but sure took up a lot of hours!

Were you a fan of the Pokéradar? Have any tips & tricks for using it? Did you use it to capture many shiny Pokémon? Were you good at using it or could you not work it out at all? What's the highest streak you ever reached? What's the best Pokémon you've caught from it? Discuss! n.n
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