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    Toxic for weakening the foe. Combine with Mean Look to create an OFFENSIVE combination.
    Charm/Psychic: Charm for lowering the opponent's Attack HARSHLY. If you Charm an opponent, you have just took the Umbreon's FREAKING WALLING to the next level. If you'd rather have Psychic, you could attack Steel Types and lower Sp. Defense, but of course, you cannot attack Dark Types then.
    Mean Look so that the opponent can't escape. It can be very useful for Umbreon Strategies.
    Moonlight/Rest Moonlight so The Umbreon can restore some HP. Rest Is better against Fighting and Bug Type Pokemon, while Moonlight is better against Neutrality Types that Umbreon has.

    If you give Umbreon a great move-set like this, get ready to have fun. It is very formidable like this.

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