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    I kind of like the anime's twist on how strong some moves are. It gives them an interesting spin when in a different environment. In most cases, the situation is more realistic. Yeah, Fire Spin isn't particularly strong but can trap opponents, and if you visualize that, it makes sense that it would literally trap Pokemon inside. When you combine that thought with the fact that it's the anime and literally anything can happen, then more interesting battle scenes pop up while there are more strategies involved that relate to the physical portion, such as Pokemon size and the battlefield. If they were the same as the games, I'd be pretty damn disappointed, to be honest. Some moves even seem to progress in power, like Ash's Bulbasaur when he used Razor Leaf. Compare the blades (or literally leaves) in the first season to Ash's Bayleef you can see the variation.

    The anime focuses more on how moves are used rather than how strong they are. For example, Ash's Torterra using Rock Climb (clearly a strong move) against Paul's Drapion did jack-**** when it attacked. However, I do find the annoyance in that Water Gun can somehow fend off Flamethrowers so readily, although the main logic behind it would be that it can extinguish flames rather than fending it off.
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