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    Originally Posted by Lapras* View Post
    Legendaries in the anime are completely different than Legendaries in the games. In the anime they're much more like gods, treated as such, and have a ton of legend surrounding them. Additionally, they're also much more powerful in the anime.
    Some legendary Pokemon are not actually god-like in that they have enormous power. I mean, all Pokemon have the potential to be powerful with the training to their peak level of performance. The main example here would be Tobias's Latios against Ash's Pikachu where they came to a draw. Basing off what you said, Latios should be much more powerful than a regular Pikachu. (Yes, Ash's Pikachu is a regular Pikachu and not some demi-god son of Zapdos.) I do agree that some legendary Pokemon are legendary due to the 'legend' surrounding them, though. Of course, this only applies to select legendary Pokemon discounting the legendary Pokemon that are literally gods (i.e. Arceus, Dialga, Giratina, etc.).

    Originally Posted by Lapras* View Post
    The legendaries in the anime also tend not to attach themselves to humans for a long time, like in HGSS Suicune follows you around and in basically all the games where somebody says "it's been waiting for someone like you to catch it." They're much more... closed off.
    Factory Head Noland and Articuno seemed to have shared a long bond between them to the point where Articuno would allow Noland to command it in battle. I'd call that an attachment. Then there's the Darkrai in the Darkrai movie.

    Back on topic, no I can't see Ash with a legendary Pokemon. Just as Ash was unquestionably dominating at the beginning of Johto thanks to his Charizard, it would be incredibly cheap to allow him to carry on the same action with a legendary Pokemon instead. (I'm looking at you, Tobias.) I find Ash struggling on his journey far more interesting than him winning all the damn time. How boring would that get if he won every single gym battle on his first try? There isn't any fight or obstacle. It's like a walk in the park. The park may have some nice scenery and some children to stare at from the distance, but it's still just a park and an easy walk where nothing happened. Walking in the park and meeting a pack of cougars (yes, cougars) fighting a herd of bears (don't judge me) is far more interesting, which counts as an obstacle in your walk. I'd imagine walking over corpses to be very rough indeed.
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