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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. :]
Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
A hearty welcome to you, Wobbachomp! :]

I've known about PC for many years but didn't actually start being active until 2011, so I totally understand you aha. Lots of us were lurkers before we joined. :3 But oh, Wobbuffet is really awesome and hilarious in the anime, so I can easily say I'm a fan of him as well! I often forget how to spell his name, though.. XD;

You like web design, huh? I'm currently majoring in Design/Digital Media, which is basically this school's way of saying "web design", too. So it's nice to see that we have that in common. :D Also glad to hear you'll be active! That's wonderful since we love getting new members here.

But yeah, it was great meeting you and enjoy your stay, all right? Feel free to message me if there's anything you need help with!
Yep, I find myself forgetting how to spell Wobbuffet alot aswell.
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