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Jimmy Hill & Xavier Coolidge

"Wh-what, where the hell did the rest of these come from!?" Jimmy's eyes and mouth were gaping wide.

What Jimmy saw after the dust had cleared was far from what he expected. Zombies scattered the field, unconscious. They were literally, all over the damn place. Even where the Hyper Beams had left untouched rested lifeless bodies. Xavier on the other hand had seen them approaching earlier, but he remained speechless up to the hyper beam. He was far too frozen in fear and uncertainty to even speak, but it for now it seemed like it didn't matter, they were taken care of. Or so he thought.

The whistle from before once again blew it's familiar tone. It sent chills down the boy's spines. Their business here was far from finished, and at this rate, their chances appeared grim. Like the mindless, empty bodies they were, the zombies slowly rose from their slumbers. The whistle continued on, but was eventually drowned out by the united moans of the zombies.

Xavier's eyes roamed the field, scanning the rising bodies. Each individual body retained the same marks as the first they had encountered. Their fate almost seemed obvious, if not for the slight opening he saw. His mind contemplated whether to take his chance or not. Xavier knew if they took that path, only one of them would make it out. Too late to find out, the zombies had all rose up to full length, blocking off any sort of entrance whatsoever. "Crap.."

"You said it.." Jimmy although scared out of his wits, held a bit of amusement in his voice. His Altaria flew above him, waiting for her powers to fully recuperate.

Xavier's Claydol floated over him, doing the same, but it seemed much more concentrated on something. Both had temporarily exhausted themselves from the mighty blasts. Jimmy leaned over towards Xavier, for whatever reason the boys were still on the ground. "You do have more pokemon on you right?"

Xavier glanced at him, his glasses giving him this sort of look that said you're kidding right? "What do you think?" His hands moved over to wherever he kept his pokeballs, his eyes scanned the field again, this time taking in his surroundings. Tree, tree, zombies, tree. Didn't seem to rich in variation, nor did it seem in choices either. In a burst of light, his Tauros, Bull's Eye emerged, roaring out to establish it's presence. Xavier said something that Jimmy couldn't comprehend at all, it sounded like gibberish. But his Tauros responded immediately, charging into an oncoming wave of zombies. It thrashed about, his emotionless bodies were flung around the battle field.

Jimmy followed his lead, he reached behind to his bag. Coop didn't seem too pleased as he laid eyes on their situation. Then again, Coop never did seem too happy did he. Instinctively, Coop rushed into a small group of zombies, slashing about savagely, but to no avail. The zombies seemed unaffected by the pokemons' attacks, barring being thrown to the ground and whatnot. Realizing it was no use, Jimmy cursed and returned his Zangoose.

Bull's Eye cried out, but this time, not as a means of intimidation. Xavier's face was filled with definite worry. His Tauros was being buried alive underneath several zombies. Well kind of, anyways, it wasn't the much successful of attempts but it was definitely getting pissed off. It cried out once more, thrashing about, it's tails wildly whipping the air. If he wasn't careful about it, Tauros could've went out of control, and that wouldn't be safe for anyone. His face fell from worry to disappointment, he returned his Tauros, the lack of a supporting body causing the zombies to fall on top of each other, shortly delaying the inevitable.

In little to no time, they were back on their immediate paths, heading straight towards the boys and their airborn pokemon. Jimmy looked over to his partner, "Got any ideas, cause I'm stumped..." The two exchanged words as the absentminded humans inched their way closer. It was the only thing they could come up with in the given amount of time. In sync, Jimmy's Lombre and Xavier's Vibrava emerged in front of their trainers.

"Loco, Protect!"

"Stark, Sandstorm!" The bug styled dragon type flapped it's wings, whipping up the surrounding dirt from the ground. For a tiny thing, it sure packed a lot of power. A blue barrier surrounded the boys and their pokemon, cramping them up into a small but suitable space. Clayton's, the Claydol, eyes shined a bright blue color, it concentrated the reserves of it's energy into the newborn sandstorm. In a matter of seconds, sand, or dirt, blanketed the blue sphere, blocking any sort of vision whatsoever. Outside the small barrier, trees were being thrust from one side to another, staying rooted but wildly out of control. The sandstorm was beginning to pick up more power from the dirt of nearby areas. The barrier stood strong amongst the storm, but if this didn't subside soon, Loco wasn't sure how long he'd be able to hold it down.

"Hope this does something.." Xavier nodded, he hoped so to, or they'd be screwed.
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