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Originally Posted by mrsnuggles View Post
iv been here for 4 days and i must say this could possibly be the best community ever.
While I don't exactly remember how I found this site, I am glad I did. Especially because of RPG maker xp With Pokemon essentials, which is soooo much better than ROM hacking.

Things I like besides Pokemon is just about any music genre beside death metal, rap, screamo. Also I have recently as is about the past year I have discovered the wonders of PC gaming.

over all I am new here & I am glad to be here
Hi MrSnuggles, I greet you warmly by the hand.

I am Hikari10, but just call me Hikari. I love memes, jokes, blue, cute stuff and Pokemon!

My fave Pokemon is Oshawott, cos he's a mix of cute and tough in one.

I recommend you browse around the forum and see what you like, we also have some friendly staff members who you can ask any questions you have.

Have a fun time and VM me if you need someone to show you around.

OK, see you!

- Hikari10
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