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Hey to all you forum goers. I'm Sir Red, but most of my friends call me Matt.

I'm a sixteen year old, English high school student who is starting college in two years. I'm a huge fan of the Pokémon series (otherwise I wouldn't be here xP) and of the Legend of Zelda series, though I mostly play a variety of video games. I'm a budding artist and author. I hope to improve in both aspects during my time here on the forums. Music plays a large role in my life. Although my own musical talent hovers somewhere around zero, I love everything from Japanese metal bands to Josh Groban. I also enjoy sports, such as track and football, to name a few. If I can't be physically taking part in them, I'm watching them on television. I should mention that the Minnesota Vikings are my favorite team. Anyhow, I also enjoy a good text-based roleplay in the long run. I have gained a fair amount of experience from other sites I've played on and all I can say is that this one looks promising.

I'm not to fond of introductions, being shy, but find it polite to do them anyway, due to being polite. I guess I'm not a complete noob because I had done a bit of lurking beforehand. But, I hope that I can make some friends and that you'll all welcome me into your community!
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