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    Hey Sir Red, there's no need to be shy. Everyone here is reeeaaallly friendly, so you'll make lots of friends easy!
    By the way, my name's Star. I'm 20 and live all the way in Australia. I'm a gamer as well, playing mostly RPGs like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I absolutely LOVE The Legend of Zelda. I'm sure The Legend of Zelda was one of my very first games, along with Super Mario Bros. 3. Ah, I still remember playing them on the NES when I was young...
    Anyway, I too am a bit of an artist. I work mostly with pencil and watercolour, but I also dab into the digital medium. And right now I'm working on my ROM-hacking and sprite-making skills trying to create my own ROM hack. My dream is to one day work in game design, creating graphics and designing game characters.

    Lol, enough about me. As I said, don't be shy in sending Visitor Messages and Friend Requests. Everyone here is nice, and they'll make you feel welcome!

    Hope you have fun here!
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