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    It's-a me, Mario!
    Thank you for joining-a my club!

    1) Please follow all PC rules as they apply here too
    2) Respect each other fully
    3) Discussion may be discussed however you wa
    nt, as long as it about the Mario Bros Series
    4) Below has some fun guessing games. Its for your own entertainment, no need to answer for anything special. Though you can ask questions/discuss them as you wish.

    Sign-Up Rules
    1) Only 5 members can have the same specific companions. Specific meaning, Metal Mario, Raccoon Mario, Fire Mario, Rainbow Mario, Boo Mario, Shadow Mario, Baby Mario, Mario, etc.
    2) You can choose ANY from ALL of the Mario characters that has ever existed. You can pick up to 3 Companions, or simply just stick with 1 or 2 if wanted.
    3) For Donkey Kong fans, only Donkey/Diddy/Dixie/Tiny/Funky Kong, Baby DK, Donkey Kong Jr, Kritter, Goalie Kritter & King K Rool are acceptable, as they were in previous Mario games.
    4) Please note that when you choose Yoshi, you can choose what color you want your Yoshi. Yoshi's colors will be limited 5 per members, meaning, there can be up to 55 Yoshi companions! Yoshi's colors are: White, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pale Blue, Blue, Purple, Brown & Black. You can have more than one Yoshi's if you want, but please know that there are also other Yoshis, such as kid Yoshi from Paper Mario: the Thousand Year Door.

    Sector Revenge Princess Peach ★ Paper Peach ★ Baby Peach
    Iloveeevee Diddy Kong Pink Yoshi
    Leaf Storm Princess Rosalina Toad Yoshi
    yiliang99 ★ Rainbow Mario Rainbow Luigi Yoshi
    Shining Raichu Yoshi
    Cid ★ Luigi ★ Yoshi ★ Bowser
    EpicJackman ★ Hammer Mario ★ Cape Mario

    Signup Form:
    Your username:
    Your Companions(Please Read Spoiler Above):
    Favorite Mario Game:

    Fun Club Games
    1) Can you guess the Mario Kart tracks?

    2) Can you guess the locations of the specific Mario games?

    3) Can you guess all 100 characters?

    Discussion Topic:
    What the club is made for, the CLASSIC & the NEW Mario gaming franchise! Discuss how you feel & what you wish to see about certain Mario games!